The Ed McGivern Legacy

Ed McGivern

Welcome to the Ed McGivern Legacy web site.

The word "Legacy" was chosen for many reasons. First and foremost, in the early 1900's, Ed McGivern elevated revolver shooting, both single action and double action, to a whole new level and established shooting records that remain to this day.

He has shown us that the seemingly impossible can indeed be possible, and passes on to us the challenge to match—and even better—his achievements.

Secondly, upon McGivern's death in 1957, his son, Emmitt McGivern, passed on to my father, Ralph Lloyd, numerous items of Ed McGivern's estate. When my father died in 2006, he in turn passed these along to me.

Lastly, it is my intention to continue McGivern's legacy by making available historical information about this extraordinary person that most people may not know or have access to. I feel a strong obligation to do so since my parents gave me the middle name of Edwin because of him. They knew him well and trained with him in his later years and affectionately called him Mac.

Although the name of Ed McGivern is well known in shooting circles, his amazing skill and achievements are not known to the general public. Even here in Montana where he made his home and did his shooting, most people have not heard about him or know who he is or what he has accomplished.

I hope to rectify this so this man will not be forgotten.

This web site will be a work in progress over many years, so please bear with us. We are not professionals, but will strive to improve over time.

Happy Fast and Fancy shooting.